Certificate of Competency- Application Procedure


When do I need to apply for my CoC?

When you have accrued sufficient sea service to sit an oral examination with the MCA, you are required to apply for an NOE. This form can be downloaded from the MCA website and must be returned with ORIGINAL COPIES all of your supporting documentation (sea service testimonials, STCW certificates, exam pass certificates and ENG1) to prove that you are eligible for an oral examination


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How do I go about getting my Certificate of Competency Merchant deck Officers?

For deck officers the first stage in obtaining an MCA Oral examination date is to complete MSF 4274 Application For An Oral Examination Leading To The Issue Of A Certificate Of Competency (STCW) For Masters, Chief Mates And Deck Officers In The Merchant Navy.

A copy of this form is available to download below. MSF 4274 is split into several sections to enable easy completion. These are:

-Personal Details

-Certificate Applied For Simply tick the relevant COC that you wish to be examined for.

-Sea Service a Enter all the details relating to your sea service in this section. Remember to include supporting sea service testimonials when sending the application. Each full calendar month is counted as one month. Any remaining days for uncompleted full months should be added together. Every 30 of these days is counted as one day. If you’re unsure use our sea service calculator below.

-Complete the checklist and enclose all required documents and evidence. If you are applying for your first COC then you should also complete the checklist in section 4B. If you are a cadet or other candidate following an MNTB approved training route which allows reduced sea service must include supporting letters from your nautical college and enclose your training record book.

-Sign the deceleration. Obtain a counter signature. Complete your payment details.

-The current application fee is ?201


Right click the buttons below to take your to the form page.

CoC Application Form for Merchant

CoC Application Form for Yacht

The application should now be sent to the following address:Seafarer Training and Certification Branch
Maritime and Coastguard Agency the MCA
105 Commercial Road
SO15 1EG

Tel: 44 (0)23 80329231

Email: Exams_Section@mcga.gov.uk

Website: www.mcga.gov.uk

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New from 11th January 2018

MIN 563 (M) Changes to MCA education and training requirements for obtaining a UK Certificate of Competency

This MIN replaces MIN 530 and summarises the changes to current MCA education and training requirements for obtaining a UK Certificate of Competency.


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