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Chief Mate Unlimited Oral Prep

This highly regarded MCA oral prep course has been designed to ensure that our clients can learn and thoroughly understand all the knowledge and skills outlined in the oral prep syllabus.

Whilst the course focuses primarily on exam success, it also trains candidates to anticipate and react to a range of routine, non-routine, and contingency scenarios.  

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The course also aims to help improve your situational awareness and critical thinking skills. 

Commercial orals prep courses
Step 1

Join the Chief Mate Unlimited orals prep course through our online e-learning academy.

The Captain Barry Sadler Martine Training academy houses over 43 individual modules containing, videos, quizzes, books, and course notes, as well as access to our world-renowned offline app.

Commercial orals prep courses
Step 2

Need to revise for an upcoming MCA Oral exam? Follow our comprehensive revision plans to ensure that all of the elements of the provided checklist are completed.

Need further support? We also offer individual sessions to keep your learning progress on track.

Master Unlimited orals prep
Step 3

Book individual Microsoft Teams and/or face-to-face sessions to work through the checklist with our highly-skilled tutors.

This ensures that each element of the exam syllabus has been assessed and that our students are comfortable answering questions to a high standard.

Master Unlimited orals prep
Step 4

Before sitting your MCA Oral exam, we recommend all candidates participate in a mock session to ensure they have the necessary skills to past their exam 1st time.

Each candidate’s requirements are different but most have between 6 -16 revision sessions.

Improve your own knowledge, skills and professional practice with e-learning courses from Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training Academy.


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The online course puts everything in front of you that you need to pass, it’s easily digestible format with quizzes to test understanding at the end of each module. I also used the live clinic recordings as podcasts in the background while doing other stuff so it didn’t feel like intense study all the time but I was still absorbing knowledge.

Further to this, joining the clinics live on a Wednesday and Sunday are an invaluable way of asking questions and gaining the confidence to speak on teams, which certainly helps with the orals. If there’s any question Barry’s doesn’t know the answer to, you don’t need to know it to pass!

A worthy and necessary investment in career progression. Closest you can get to guaranteeing a pass in my opinion.

Dan Jack


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