MCA Orals prep elearning


What is our Orals prep e learning Academy?

We have developed an interactive,and comprehensive  e learning academy to house our MCA orals prep course. Our  orals prep e learning  academy is a cloud-based solution that provides instant online access to the full range of our MCA orals preparation training materials. In addition, it also allows access to our app which can be used to view the content offline.

What devices can I view the Orals prep e learning on?

Our orals prep course can be viewed on both IOS and Android phones, Ipads, tablets desktops and laptops.


What do you see on the orals prep course?

Once signed in, you will be presented with a clear, intuitive and easy-to-use interface where you can view the course structure. The e learning academy is well structured with over 250 hours worth of videos and takes you through over 40 modules in order.  The system also  tracks  your individual progress as you complete each specific module. Take a look our e learning

What are the modules?

Our modules, range from Collision Regulations, passage planning, ship handling and recordings of our live, interactive,  twice weekly interactive Microsoft Teams tutorials. All our modules are aligned to the MCA orals exam syllabus and our suite of modules keeps increasing! Each module houses video tutorials, Quizzes,  e books, module resources,  mind maps and current associated information.

What else is included?

As well as access to the e learning academy and mobile offline app, we also provide  two live interactive tutorial clinics each week so that your learning is mentored as opposed to be isolated while you learn.

How does this help me?

A clearly presented report allows you to locate weaknesses in your learning and take action by customising your subsequent training accordingly to ensure you are supported in areas that are more of a challenge. The learning academy  can be used in conjunction with face-to-face or Microsoft Teams sessions or as a supplement to your own revision.

How do I join?

View our e learning  and we will contact you and send you a temporary link.  If you wish to proceed, your account is set up in minutes and you are set to go. View our prices

orals prep e learning

View our e learning 

E Learning explanation video

What’s included when I purchase the subscription?


Access to our Barry Sadler Maritime Training App available on the app store and google play


The app has an off line mode so you do not need to be connected to the internet


No additional cost, the app is part of the e learning academy


Provides immediate access


Over 250 hours online highly graphical, video tutorials


Individual progress tracker


Past papers


Over 34 exam syllabus aligned modules


All required associated reading


All E Books


Resource Area


Live, interactive, TWICE weekly live, interactive Microsoft Teams tutorials and hot topic discussions

What is not included in with the subscription?


Any individual sessions either via Microsoft Teams or face to face For more information view our blended learning option

Benefits of our Orals prep course

 Distance learning via the e learning academy provides  the perfect way to build and maintain both your academic knowledge and maritime skills, wherever you are in the world, with no need to schedule or travel to training.

Our successful e Learning academy  provides you with a productive and cost-effective way to access all of Barry’s course and revision tools. The monthly access fee gives you unlimited access to all the training tools.

Enrolment into the  e learning academy allows you to work independently and structure your learning at your own pace.  The academy provides progress tracking  to ensure you remain on target.

We provide support, motivation and, when needed, supplemental instruction to ensure you succeed and pass your exam. View e learning



What Our Students Say

The online course has been the best investment of my cadetship. It prepared me to such an extent, I walked in to my Oral feeling confident in my abilities and knowledge. The subjects are easy to understand and in bite sized chunks. Definitely well worth it and I highly recommend it!

Hannah Riekemann

OOW Unlimited
Using Barry Sadler is a must!! A massive thank you to Barry and Stephanie. Both help immensely to develop the best methods to progress me through my Masters. The online learning package helped in more ways than one and allows the candidate to revise/learn as and when they want. Well worth the investment.

Ben Huggins

Master 500