MCA Orals Prep e Learning Academy

Our MCA Orals prep e learning is a cloud-based solution that provides instant online access to the vast range of Barry’s training materials.

Image of MCA Orals prep e learningIt is the perfect way to build and maintain both your academic knowledge and maritime skills, wherever you are in the world, with no need to schedule or travel to training

Enrolment into the MCA Orals prep e learning academy allows you to work independently. You can

structure your learning and progress at your own pace. Your progress can be tracked by you and us. We provide support, motivation and, when needed, supplemental instruction to ensure each candidate succeeds and reaches their goals.

It is the perfect way to build and maintain both your academic knowledge and maritime skills,

Getting Ahead of the Game

Starting your prep early with a prep course removes any uncertainty. It refines existing knowledge, finds the gaps, and helps you to present your knowledge in a simulated testing environment.

The most successful candidates are those who are as prepared for their prep course as they are for the exam. That means studying for months not just days. It is incredibly challenging and stressful to learn the exam syllabus to the examiners expectations the week before the exam.

Wth the MCA Orals prep e learning system, we understand that as you move up your progressive career path, it is important to return to your vessel and apply the lessons you have learned. We want to avoid data dumping the information for an exam.

Studies show that those who immediately use what they have learned maintain it longer. Periodic review of new information also helps strengthen your knowledge foundation to build ever stronger upon it.

Would you like to view the MCA Orals prep e learning?

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Our MCA Orals prep e-learning Academy provides full access to:

  • -Online tutorials: available to purchase with unlimited access for 1 -6 months
  • -Individual module quizzes- help you assess strengths and weaknesses
  • -Pre-course notes and reading
  • -All eBooks
  • -Past exam papers from a range of marine offices
  • -Learning competencies
  • A research hub: keep up to date on current, relevant news and journal articles-
  • -Individual progress tracker
  • -One exciting feature is our enhanced research hub, which houses all the latest articles and maritime updates. We also schedule monthly blog and video posts from industry experts to enrich your industry knowledge and keep you up to date with recent news and information.

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