MCA Orals Prep Study ebooks

Barry’s MCA Orals prep study ebooks serve as a vital tool to support your learning. The books provide detailed syllabus supporting material in an easy to read formate and reinforces either your face to face learning or allows you to work independently for longer.

Barry has created numerous MCA Oral prep eBooks as study aids. The books been designed to maximise your understanding of the MCA Oral syllabus material

MCA Orals prep study books

Whether you are preparing for your Orals exams, revising prior to face-to-face sessions with Barry, or updating your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio, eBooks will become your go-to revision tool.

Our eBooks are available to purchase via Amazon and can be downloaded to your Kindle App on your device almost instantaneously. Purchase, download and get reading within minutes, without leaving your chair.

Our MCA Orals prep study eBooks can be downloaded from just A?9.99 and cover distinctive syllabus topics. This enables you to cherry-pick specific content which is relevant to your current level of study, and the exams you are working towards.


The Collision Regulations – A straight Forward Guide



What people are saying about Barry’s MCA Oral prep ebooks:


5 Mike Douglas

I had Barry for my orals prep and he identified my COLREG knowledge was a major weakness. After 1 evening studying with this book as a guide I felt my knowledge had increased no end. I now recommend this book to all my deck crew regardless of their level.

5Amazon Customer

A very helpful and straightforward guide to the Rules of the Road, probably the only reason I passed the rules section of my orals.


– Radar- A Straightforward Guide




Very Good


Benefits of our MCA Orals prep Study eBooks

eBooks are the perfect revision tool. Once downloaded, the kindle App allows you to highlight important elements and bookmark key pages. The beauty of an eBook is that is takes up very little storage space on your device and you can access all the revision you need with one simple click.

There’s no need to lug heavy revision books, laptops or computers around with you- access via your smartphone or tablet on the go, wherever you are in the world. Our eBooks are also compatible with your desktop computer.


Read on the go

Once saved to your device, there is no need for an internet connection- whether you’re at home or in the middle of the ocean, the convenience of an eBook is unrivalled.
“eBooks- Convenient, Portable and Affordable”


-Passage Planning- A Straight Forward Guide



Each month, we will publish a brand new eBook on Amazon.


MCA Orals prep study e book



Maritime Labour Convention – A Straightforward Guide







– A guide to the Code of Safe Working Practices


-Masters Legal Duties