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What our candidates say

I cannot recommend Barry Sadler’s online oral preparation and one to one course enough! The online prep is perfectly suited towards candidates working in the maritime industry whom are preparing for their exams whilst still busy working at sea. Thank you Barry and Stephanie for continuing to raise the standards of tuition within the yachting industry and also for vastly enhancing my maritime knowledge!
Chris Durham

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my subscription?

You get full access to all the learning video tutorials, quizzes, resource section, past papers, books and course notes. We have recently added on line live, weekly clinics. these clinics allow you to ask any questions and Barry will tackle a differnt subject each week.

What happens if I fail, do I still get access to the e learning?

Your purchase price allows for accessibility up to the date of your exam. If you happen to fail, there is an additional cost of £250 to continue up until your next exam.

Can I purchase the e learning as a stand alone prep?

Absolutely,  you can purchase and subscribe the e learning to supplement your own  revision plan. Whilst the elearning is very comprehensive, if completed as suggested in the accompanying revision guide, we would suggest at least one face to face or Skype mock  and  a few tutorials as you get near to the exam date.

Do I get e mail support if I subscribe to the e learning?

Yes, once you subscribe, you are part of our extended Academy and therefore we actively encourage questions. We have recently launched a questions and answers section within the academy so, your question my have already been answered but,  if not , it will be added with our cresponse.

What happens if I get called back to my ship/ boat?

The fantastic benefit of e learning means that if you are unexpectedly called back to your ship or boat, we can put your subscription on hold until you are ready to pick up the studies again.

Does my subscription have to run concurrently ?

No, if you only have time available in blocks,  you can use the e learning for that time only i.e. if you purchase 3 months subscription this can be spread over the 6 month period. Therefore candidates that work alternate months  are not penalised for working.