Master 3000 (Yachts) oral exam Requirements


Please find the following list of requirements needed in order to apply for your Master Yachts <3000gt oral exam. These include comprehensive orals prep training, ensuring you have the correct yacht and sea service and certificates.

What is Watchkeeping  Service?

Watchkeeping service is Actual Sea Service spent as a Watchkeeping Officer in full charge of a navigational watch for not less than 4 out of every 24 hours whilst the vessel is engaged on voyage.


What is the Correct Required Service:

  • In order to be eligible for a Yacht service, you must provide proof of having spent a minimum 24 months working as a Deck Officer,  of which a minimum of 240 days must include watch keeping service. All service starts from the date your OOW COC  was issued and must be served:
  •   at sea on vessels larger than 15 metres in length or loadline length and importantlyinclude 12 months in vessels of 24 metres or over in load line length
  • or six months in vessels of 500gt or more.

Sea Service Verification Process   –  read about new regulations.

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Course Certificates Required for Master 3000

The course certificates that you must have for Master 3000 are:

  • If you hold an Officer of the Watch OOW 3000 Certificate of Competency (CoC) ,  must have an Advanced Fire Fighting Certificate, Medical First Aid Aboard Ship Certificate, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased and Practical Certs commerically endorsed.
  • If the individual already holds a Chief Mate Certificate of Competency of less than 3000 gross tons, they do not need to resubmit these certificates.

However both must obtain:

  •  Master Seamanship and Meteorology Course Completion and Pass Certs,
  • Master Stability Course Completion and Pass Certs,
  • Master Business and Law Course Completion and Pass Certs,
  • Master Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator Course Completion and Pass Certs, and a Proficiency in Medical Care Aboard Ship Certificate.
  • Human Element Leadership and Management certificate ( Management level )
  • MCA Celestial Navigation pass Certificate It is important to note that this certificate is different from the YM Ocean Certificate.
  • The ECDIS Certificate

Applicants must either possess a Master <500gt CoC or all the listed  qualifications to qualify for the Master 3000 NOE certification.

 You do not need to provide any certificates when upgrading to Master <3000gt if you already have a Master <500gt CoC. Unless the requirements have changed since you received your original certificat


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Application Process for an NoE Master 3000

In order to take the oral exam for Master 3000gt, it is essential to have the Notice of Eligibility. This document is given out after the MCA has examined whether you qualify, and you won’t be able to make an appointment for the oral exam until you receive the NoE.

In order to validate your service hours, you must submit two forms of proof per vessel. This proof is usually composed of a testimonial and a Certificate of Discharge. Alternatively, if you possess a discharge book, it can be used along with a testimonial for each boat. Additionally, if you are a member of the Professional Yachting Association, they will verify your PYA logbook.

You must provide proof of your identity when you submit your application, such as a copy of your passport that is signed by your Captain and includes their CoC number, or any form of National ID like a birth certificate or Discharge Book. Written exam pass certificates are only valid for three years, so if your module pass certificates are beyond that time frame, you will need to provide new certificates to the MCA before they can give you a NoE.

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In order to be eligible for the Online oral exams, it is necessary to download and complete the application form and submit the required certificates and testimonials to the MCA. It will take approximately 1-2 months for the application to be processed and the NoE to be issued. After this, the applicant is eligible to take the oral exam.


Orals Preparation

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