What Makes great Orals Prep?


The best oral prep provides the technical and personal skills needed to pass the MCA oral exam. Technical knowledge means very little when the delivery is flawed and lacking in substance and credence.




The Best orals prep is Accessible


Being able to quickly get aboard and crack on with preparation is key. Waiting for acceptance, payment clearance, and sign ons can be time-consuming. This is especially true for seafareres, who often have limited time.

We provide a sign-in and password to all new inquiries. This enables you to explore our system. If you agree to continue we simply leave you live and invoice you. You’re free to start studying immediately.


Provide Options


Students available time varies massively. Being confined to a single subscription period narrows options and forces students to only use the time they have.

Our orals prep training offers multiple subscription options to suit your timescale. You can even pause those subscriptions. At times of uncertainty the top subscription gives maximum flexibility if you’re unsure when you can take your exam. Our top subscriptions allow you to get on without the worry of expiring.


Easy Access to Knowledge


Easy access to knowledge – online systems that provide educational material should be user friendly with a simple interface and easily accessed. Being able to quickly resume where you left off or find a resource is beneficial. It saves time and helps students make the most of their study periods.

Our online platform has been created with the student in mind. Easy to use, easy to follow progress and easy to find your last point or a new topic. Clicks are minimal to get hold of the information you need.


Consume Teaching in Manageable Chunks


Cramming, or feasting on facts promotes surface learning. Surface learning is the term given to learning that is easily forgotten over a short period. Consume your teaching in steady manageable amounts which can be savoured and remembered which encourages deep learning.

Our videos are bite sized and do not normally exceed around 10 minutes. This enables learning at your own speed. You can absorb as much, or as little, knowledge as you desire without sacrificing the essential facts and principles.


All You Require in One Place

Best Orals prep

The Best Orals Prep Have the Facts to Hand


Needing to constantly Google for documents takes up unnecessary time and can be a major distracting factor. Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training offers an online course that includes relevant reading material in each unit. Having a central respository enables students to have the documents referred to in the lessons easily accessible, saving both time and distraction.


Seek data from knowledgeable experienced instructors


You may not trust the teaching of a lecturer who is seen as inexperienced. Lack of trust can prevent you from believing what is being taught. As a result, you may feel the need to verify the information. This can be done by seeking second opinions or relearning the material from another source.

At Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training we only use active Master Mariner’s each bringing their specialist teaching and maritime experience. Barry himself has many years teaching experience, is a chartered master mariner.


Tip No.1

Measure your progress

It’s important to be able to appreciate how far you’ve come. Studying can be difficult without the assurance of making progress. For a student, it can be hard to see the benefits of their efforts when there is no visible end goal.

At Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training our online course shows you multiple measurements of achievement and progress. Watching those numbers grow gives the student goal satisfaction and makes the learning as fun as it can be.


Important Facts

 The Best Orals prep ensures  constantly updated Content


Our industry is moving fast in technical, legal and scalable areas. Studying with someone who delivers the same out of date material puts the student at a massive disadvantage. Whilst some grounding principles change very little, new standards, techniques and regulations must be included in any course.

Being a chartered master mariner Barry is expected to constantly engage in continued professional development activities such as forums and committees. This CPD activity ensures the most up to date information is used to  constantly update our content.

We do this with new units or flash memos sent out through the learning system. All our lecturers stay up to date and share information on new trends, laws and questions which may be asked.


Be Continually Assessed


Being left to guess your abilities won’t give you the confidence you need. Nor will it give you the skills to answer an examiner’s questions with certainty and knowledge.

We include twice weekly live sessions to clear up doubts and can provide effective 1-2-1 sessions based upon the exam mapping to ensure that all knowledge is full and satisfactory and allow the student to practice the delivery of their answers.


Know your weaknesses


Not being challenged on weaknesses and/or falling behind will caue you to enter exams with knowledge gaps, poor performance or bad delivery. Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training takes a straightforward approach. We are not afraid to identify areas of weakness.

Encouragement and praise are essential. However, we know when to provide constructive feedback and identify areas for improvement.


Know how to access extra support

Students who lack emotional or technical support can find learning very difficult. This can even lead to failure. Feeling isolated in your studies will not allow your knowledge to flow in an exam.

At Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training getting that support is simply a phone call or email away. Barry and the team regularly provides pep talks and give advice to students on all areas of both study and career development. Even when they’ve passed their exams and moved on, many students stay in touch and advice given to students, sometimes years after they’ve studied with us.


Trust your Lecturer


Trust in a lecturer goes beyond the information they provide. It is also about trusting their confidentiality. Students should be able to express their doubts without worrying about being exposed.

We pride ourselves on professional relationships developed between lecturers and you and have an excellent track record of confidentiality when discussing ships, yachts or experiences you may have had, good or bad.


We know you have a choice. We take enormous pride in our courses and believe we proide the best orals prep option. Consider us and come aboard with Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training.

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