UKLAP course

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UK Legal and Administration Procedures


In order to obtain a UK CeC at Master’s level candidates must undertake a UK Law and Procedures exam known as the UKLAP exam.

It can be conducted as either a written exam, or more conveniently an online oral exam.

    What is covered

    The syllabus of the Grade 1 exam focuses on the following areas below:

    1. Statutory survey and certification
    2. Role and function of the MCA
    3. Certificate of British Registry
    4. Assistance Overseas
    5. Seafarer Documentation
    6. Official Log Books
    7. MLC and Crew Agreements
    8. Seaman Left Behind
    9. Death on Board
    10. MAIB
    11. Training and Drills
    12. Health and Safety
    13. Penalties

    Why Choose our Course

    We have mapped and developed an online course which goes through the core subjects in detail and explains some of the unique approaches that UK legislation makes to maritime law. Using the course will not only educate the student on the UKLAP subjects but will give candidates the ability to verbalise the way the MCA structure UK laws and what procedures must be followed.

    Although the exam is an ‘open book’ exam which allows the candidate to have aces to UK MSNs, MGNs and Mins along with the Shipmasters Business Self Examiner, simply reading from text will not convince the MCA of your competence. Being able to recall and deliver the important facts regarding the above subjects is paramount and our online course, by using bite size videos and graphics, arms the student with the necessary knowledge and delivery skills to successfully pass the exam, be it written or most likely oral.

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