Use Skype sessions as an alternative to classroom-based learning with Barry.

”Skype provides the answer to more learning in less time”

‘Skype is an excellent way to allow for real time collaboration on lesson content.’

Call Quality

Skype provides high quality voice calling as Skype have created their own low bandwidth, high definition, voice codec that enables users to conduct voice calls in high definition.

However, Skype is not just about video calling. Barry is able to provide visual information via screen sharing, such as presentation slides, diagrams and other teaching resources to help better explain a concept and maximise your learning. This facility also enables you to share your own documents with Barry.


Why Skype as a tool?

Skype is a very flexible tool . It is a software application which means that Skype can be accessed on just about any ‘screen” that has an internet connection; this includes your P.C, laptop, iPad and mobile phone. Another benefit is that Skype is free to download.

Skype brings the classroom to you, wherever you are in the world. It is as if you’re in the room with Barry as he is able to provide you with one-to-one tuition on any subject you desire.

If you need to go over a specific topic for extra clarification, information can be broken down and fine tuned until you feel confident. Alternatively, you may wish to spend time practising the wording for answering questions for your orals exams- the choice is yours!


As part of blended learning

Skype sessions are a fantastic tool which can add to your blended learning experience. Hour-long, focused sessions can be arranged to fit in around your busy schedule in addition to your face to face orals prep with Barry or as individual top up sessions alongside other training resources.

Skype sessions are customised to your individual needs to help you progress with your learning stress-free, whatever exam you are preparing for, or stage of learning you are at.

Barry will tailor sessions to go at your pace, so you don’t have to worry about leaving classmates behind!


Completed your Orals prep?

If you find yourself unable to attend a face-to-face mock with Barry at Warsash, Barry also provides mock exams over Skype- problem solved!