Navigation and Radar Knowledge Revsion

Our team provide support and help you understand the concepts and theory within the Navigation and Radar  exam to ensure you pass. 

What we cover 

At Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training Academy, we understand how important the Navigation and Radar exam is to the advancement of your career. That’s why we offer 121 revision sessions to  provide the best posible chance of passsing first time or to off support if you need to resist. We equip you with all the necessary tools to apply your theoretical knowledge on board your own vessel.

We can cover all elements of the exam syllabus including:

  • Magnetic compass
  • Gyro compass
  • Chartwork
  • Chart correction
  • Notices to mariners
  • Practical tides
  • International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (IRPCS)
  • Buoyage system test
  • Navigation aids
  • Radar and radar plotting
  • ARPA
  • AIS

Whether you need some pre-course basics , in course tuition for some of the more challenging  principles or you are resitting and haven’t looked at a chart for a few months – we can help.

Additional Information

  • Read through the exam syllabus
  • Your pass certificate is valid for three years.
  • You do not need a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) to attend this course. However, you will need an NoE for your MCA oral examination.

Price £65 per hour

             £130 for 2 hours

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“A brilliant online learning tool with in depth practical and technical knowledge of all subject matters. Captain Barry Sadler expertly navigates through the syllabus focusing on need to know information and explaining tricky concepts in a logical and easy to understand format.”


“Cannot recommend Barry and his Team enough. I was studying for my OOW 3000 with them and they helped me to pass my exam.

The online tuition is fantastic and the 1-2-1 sessions are worth every penny. Highly Recommend if you’re study for any Oral Exam!”


“Barry and his team were essential in my oral prep, the online course is a great resource and a great way to plan your study from.

The one on one sessions really helped me to focus and prepare myself to the extent needed in order to pass my exam.”



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