Master 3000

Course Details

Meteorology Course Overview


This module introduces you to marine meteorological observing methods, codes and the weather services available to shipping.

It develops knowledge of meteorological processes and the identification of and weather associated with:

    • the main synoptic systems
    • knowledge of the circulation of the atmosphere and oceans.



On successful completion of the module the candidate will be able to:

Describe meteorological observing methods:

  1. use of meteorological instruments,
  2. use of world meteorological organisation (WMO) codes and weather services available to shipping.
  3. Explain meteorological processes.

Identify and describe the weather associated with the main features of a synoptic chart.

Describe the general circulation of the atmosphere,

  1. the main climatic zones over the oceans and
  2. the ocean currents of the world.


Who would benefit from this course


  • Learners who intend to seek sea-going employment as a Merchant Navy Deck Officer.
  • OOW 3000 Candidates
  • Master 3000 Candidates
  • Cadets going for their SQA’s
  • RYA Ocean yachtmaster candidates who wish to have a greater knowledge
  • Someone  with an  interest in the Meteorology .






 Course Approach


We appreciate that the  course you are undertaking is a huge commitment and  requires hours of revision.

We recommend

  •  joining our Meteorolgy module within our e learning Academy
  • Blended learning is a combination of:
  • Joining our meteorolgy module in our e learning academy, as well as  individual  microsoft teams tutorials with Dee our meteorologist

    Step 1

    Join meteorolgy module  


    Step 3

    Complte Module


    Step 2

    Book progress Microsoft Teams  sessions ,if taking blended learning option, with Dee


    Step 4

    Undertake final Mocrosoft Teams session before exam if taking exam.

    What our candidates say
    I cannot recommend Barry Sadler’s online oral preparation and one to one course enough! The online prep is perfectly suited towards candidates working in the maritime industry whom are preparing for their exams whilst still busy working at sea. Thank you Barry and Stephanie for continuing to raise the standards of tuition within the yachting industry and also for vastly enhancing my maritime knowledge!
    Chris Durham