Blended Learning

Blended Learning – Why we are different

We appreciate that the course that you are undertaking is a huge commitment and  requires many hours of revision.   In recognition of the volume of work required, our approach is different.

We recommend a blended learning approach to your orals prep.  Blended learning is a combination of joining our e learning academy coupled with  face to face and/or skype tutorials.

Course Approach
Our blended learning approach provides a structured, logical and comprehensive course typically taken over a three month period.

Early access to the elearning prevents cramming of information and this pre loading of course material ensures a deeper knowledge base. This method then enables your tuition sessions to be a lot more interactive. Barry focus on situational awareness and critical thinking which are key elements of your oral exam.

In addition, another benefit of blended learning, is the reduced number of tution required.  On average, candidates with this approach, have only had between, 10-26 hours. However, every candidate is individual , so the number of hours can increase or decrease as required.

With our blended learning model, or technology reinforces your face to face or Skype tutorials and enables you to remain engaged wherever you are at whatever pace you chose.  The e learning academy houses numerous modules and maps the MCA syllabus thus, providing you with all the necessary key information.

How do I start Blended Learning

Step 1

Start e learning. Ideally 1-3 months before your exam.  The course can be completed in a month however, this would require a high level of study commitment each day.

Step 2

Use the provided revision plan to structure your way through the course.

Step 3

We recommend an initial progress Skype or face to face session 2-4 weeks after the starting  the e learning and then at least another another two or three two hour progress tutorials.

Step 4

Undertake the final face to face or Skype tutorials before your exam.

What our candidates say

I cannot recommend Barry Sadler’s online oral preparation and one to one course enough! The online prep is perfectly suited towards candidates working in the maritime industry whom are preparing for their exams whilst still busy working at sea. Thank you Barry and Stephanie for continuing to raise the standards of tuition within the yachting industry and also for vastly enhancing my maritime knowledge!
Chris Durham

“Barry’s distance learning was very comprehensive and gave me a great foundation of knowledge. By combining this  with Barry’s one to one sessions I was able to obtain the necessary pass mark.  Barry, you’re a legend and worth every penny,  thank you.”
Shaun Wild

Why Use Our Blended Learning Approach


All your content in one place


Unlimited 24/7 access to online materials


Track your performance


Remote access- wherever you are in the world


Reduce your face to face training time


Keep up to date with latest news and compliance regulations


Ensure you continue your CDP


Constant updates, new videos and articles added all the time