Enclosed Spaces  1/2 day course

Our team provide support and help you understand all the important and legislative safety requirements.

Health and Safety Including Enclosed Spaces

Whether you are studying for a Deck Officer certificate of competency or serving abroad a ship as a deck officer or senior deck rating, knowledge of the UK’s health and safety legislation is paramount. Whilst most deck officers will have done a module in health and safety law of some description, implementation on board on an ongoing basis as well as exam revision requires a fuller understanding and the ability to articulate what’s required – either to an examiner or to other crew.


The UK’s Health and Safety Laws are world renown for their completeness and robust application. Whilst they are written in s alright forward way, understanding how to implement them on a practical basis requires further instruction. Our half day course ensures that all crew are aware of, understand and can implement what’s required to keep yourself, others and the ship safe. Masters will have a full understanding of their duties under the law and how this can be properly policied as the owner’s rep.

The course goes on to discuss the Code of Safe Working practices. A code first written by the MCA in response to the then new laws regarding the general duties that are imposed on the master and owner. Having discussed the code in general we will focus on an entry into an enclosed space – perhaps the most risky of onboard activities. As seafarers we can never allow knowledge fade to affect safety procedures and our enclosed space entry course reminds, teaches and re-enforces the risks, measures and pitfalls of an enclosed space entry.


    On completion of the course candidates will fully understand the following:


    1. Where UK Health and Safety Laws derive from.
    2. What the UK Health and Safety Laws require
    3. How senior deck officers can implement the general duties onboard.
    4. The existence, purpose and use of the Code of Safe Working practices.
    5. The Risks involved with enclosed and dangerous spaces.
    6. How to safely enter an enclosed space.
    7. How to react to dangerous occurrences and incidents, especially in enclosed spaces.


    The course is aimed at not only teaching new knowledge but reenforcing the knowledge of existing deck officers and crew. It meets CPD requirements for senior deck officer competencies. Skill fade on health and safety matters cannot be allowed to develop and this course goes a long way to ensuring all seafarers understand their duties and how to work safely.


    Next Course date 4th November 0800-1200


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