Collision Regulation 1 day course

Our 1 Day Study day  ensures you  understand the concepts and theory of Collision Regulations.

Collision Regulation Study Day 

What does the Collision Regulation Study course cover?


The Collision Regulation study course enables candidates to fully understand the steering and sailing rules by going through in detail the rules of section B and identifying areas of concern.

The course goes further by explaining the wording of these rules so that a candidate can not only apply the collision regulations appropriately, but be able to cite the reasons for their actions.

The course builds upon this knowledge by then introducing ship recognition and applying the results to daylight and nighttime scenarios. This includes talking Rule 19 with radar plats.

Finally Barry uses two engaging case studies to show how the rules govern in the real world, and the interpretation of the rules by the courts which sometimes can sway or blur our understanding.

At the end of the day each candidate will know the rules much more intimately, be able to take action and understand both their origin and practical application.

Who will Benefit?

The Collision Regulation study day day is designed to introduce all deck officers to the collision regulations and their history.

The course is suitable for Deck Officers of all grades as revision when going for their oral exams especially those going for a first CoC.

As a refresher for deck officers who have been working on new builds, coming back to work from medical leave or have been away sea service for an extended period of time.


Price for I Day £225 plus VAT

Next course Date 18th July 2024

Time 0900-1600


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