Chief Mates Unlimited

Course Details

Course Overview


The primary aims of this course are to:


  • Ensure you gain an excellent thorough knowledge of all the aspects of the MCA syllabus.
  • Ensure you  will be able to offer appropriate responses, anticipations and reactions to a range of routine, non-routine and contingency scenarios presented by the examiner during the oral exam.


    Course Objectives


    Whilst our ultimate aim is to ensure that you  pass your exam, we also focus on improving your situational awareness and critical thinking skills. We believe these skills are necessary and key factors to enable you to not only pass the Master Unlimited Oral exam, but also ensure that you return to your vessel able to demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge outlined in the oral examination syllabus.


Course Approach


We appreciate that the course that you are undertaking is a huge commitment and  requires many hours of revision.   In recognition of the volume of work required, our approach is different.

We recommend a blended learning approach to your orals prep.  Blended learning is a combination of our e learning and face to fcae and/or skype tutorials.


Step 1

Start e learning

Step 3

Follow revsion plan

Step 2

Book Progression face to face or Skype sessions

Step 4

Undertake final face to face or skype session before exam

Course Outline


The ideal   followed by either weekly or two weekly progress Skype or face to face sessions after you have gone through the online course once.  We then provide either face to face or Skype sessions a week or two weeks before your exam. Each candidate’s requirements are different but, typically most candidates have between 10-25 hours supplementary face to face or Skype over the 1-4 months course.

The blended learning approach, where candidates enrol into the E learning Academy, reduces the amount of face to face or Skype sessions required down to 10 hours.

Course Location


If you have opted to have face to face sessions as part of your blended learning option, the classes take place in a dedicated seminar room at Warsash Academy.

What our candidates say
I cannot recommend Barry Sadler’s online oral preparation and one to one course enough! The online prep is perfectly suited towards candidates working in the maritime industry whom are preparing for their exams whilst still busy working at sea. Thank you Barry and Stephanie for continuing to raise the standards of tuition within the yachting industry and also for vastly enhancing my maritime knowledge!
Chris Durham