Benefits of Joining our e learning Academy for individual learners


Distance learning via the e learning academy provides  the perfect way to build and maintain both your academic knowledge and maritime skills, wherever you are in the world, with no need to schedule or travel to training.

Our successful e Learning academy  provides you with a productive and cost-effective way to access all of Barry’s course and revision tools. The monthly access fee gives you unlimited access to all the training tools.

Enrolment into the  e learning academy allows you to work independently and structure your learning at your own pace.  The academy provides progress tracking  to ensure you reamin on target.

We provide support, motivation and, when needed, supplemental instruction to ensure you succeed and pass your exam


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What do you get by joining our Academy


Access to our Barry Sadler Maritime Training App available on the app store and google play


The app has an off line mode so you do not need to be connected to the internet


No additional cost, the app is part of the e learning academy


Provides immediate access


Live TWICE weekly, interactive, virtual classroom clinics


Unlimited 24/7 access to online materials


Track your performance


Remote access- wherever you are in the world


Weekly past paper clinics


Keep up to date with latest news and compliance regulations


Ensure you continue your CDP


Constant updates, new videos and articles added all the time

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Benefits of Joining our e learning Academy to Captains and Shore-side Managers


As the captain or manager of a yacht, you can purchase yearly, half-yearly or monthly vessel subscriptions to our e learning academy which allows your individual sign ins for the whole deck team. The team will have  unlimited access to all our training tools for the specific course that your team  require, what better way for your crew to spend their downtime?

As a manager you will have access to an integrated eChart which provides you with an individual record of each of your crews’ progress. A clearly presented report allows you to locate weaknesses in a crew’s learning and enables you to customise their training accordingly to ensure they are supported in areas that are more of a challenge.

It is also a handy tool for  crew CPD  meetings as the eChart can be used to display each individual’s progress in a helpful, constructive way. You will also get continued onshore support from Barry and the team, who are able to answer any questions or queries you may have.

what our recents CANDIDATES have to say about our e learning Academy

‘I found all of Barry’s lectures to be excellent and the whole process with the e learning and then the one to ones worked really well for me.
Dean Green

Master 3000

I approached Captain Barry Sadler Academy because needed affordable, in my own time and quality preparation for my Master 3000 oral examination. The online Academy helped me by giving me the right tools and practical knowledge to prepare myself for the examination room conditions. The result was great. I had very clear understanding of what’s to follow once in the exam environment.

Two things I liked was the freedom to progress at your own pace and listen to Barry’s lecture on my phone at any time. I found the experience enjoyable, considering it’s studying, and actual knowledge of value applicable in real life environment that helped me develop as a professional in the Maritime Industry.

I would recommend Captain Barry Sadler online Academy to individuals who need to prepare for any class CoC oral examinations and are not willing to pay the obscene amount of money in course fees, accommodation and food expenses, travel expenses and do not have the time to actually attend any of these class room prep courses.” – Bogdan Cholakov, C/O MY Natita

Bogdan Cholakov

M/Y Natita, Elegant Themes

After successfully passing my OOW 3000 five years earlier with Barry, he was my first call when it was time for Master 3000 prep. I signed up for access to the e-learning system as much of my study was to be done on board – my initial anxiety about the extent of the syllabus and the depth of knowledge required was put at ease by the structured, broken down online sessions. Having the ability to cherry pick which sessions you do, and in many cases re-visit over and over again was the key to gaining the depth of knowledge on the statutory material.

During the face-to-face sessions with Barry the week before my exam, he opened me up on a number of areas which required more work – many of which came up in my exam. As uncomfortable as it is to be put on the spot, it is the only way to truly prepare yourself for the big day. 

Alan Crawford

Chief Officer M/Y Halo

‘After failing my three times I was struggling to find motivation for attempting them again, came across Barry’s online course and signed up straight away. I found the online videos extremely helpful straight to the point with the information you need and the way of teaching is very easy to pick up and understand. After using the online tuition whilst onboard for three months I came home and did face to face sessions which were also very beneficial to clear up any questions raised throughout studying. I finished with a skype orals session which was well organised and great prep before the exam. Would defiantly recommend to anyone!’
James Naidoo

Chief Mates